2021 Up-coming Concerts and Appearances
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Previous Concerts
June 30              The Token Lounge             with The Dead Daisies               Westland Mi.               www.thetokenlounge.com
July 24               The Token Lounge             with Tantric                                 Westland Mi.               www.thetokenlounge.com
 More Exciting 2021 shows & festivals are in the works, so check back often.
September 17    The Token Lounge            with Trapt                                    Westland Mi.               www.thetokenlounge.com
August 03          Diesel Concert Theatre     with Hinder                                 Chesterfield Mi.           www.dieselconcerts.com
August 01          The Token Lounge             with City of the Weak                 Westland Mi.               www.thetokenlounge.com
August 14          Knights of the Road Campground     Loudfest 4                 Fowlerville Mi.             facebook/loudfest4
September 12    The Token Lounge            with Slaughter                             Westland Mi.               www.thetokenlounge.com
October 23         Diesel Concert Theatre    with Wildstreet & Native Sons  Chesterfield Mi.           www.dieselconcerts.com